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Patisserie Boutique
Cafes have been sprang up in the in the Ipoh Oldtown lately and Pâtisserie BoutiQue has recently joined the ranks of trendy cafes.The interior design of the cafe is sophisticated, with black frames and white walls. There is a huge "Gateaux" written on one of the walls to remind you of their speciality which is Cakes in French

This is the signature version of their Chocolate Cheese Cake. It features a traditional oreo crust, rich creamy filling and a thick layer of chocolate ganache all baked to perfection! It is rare that we could get such high quality Chocolate toppings for cake anywhere.

A combination of  subtle green tea flavor and sweet strawberries made this Matcha(greentea) strawberry trifle the all time favorite dessert in the cafe! The trifle looks pretty as it is arranged into picture-perfect layers and most importantly, it taste incredibly great! 

Burps & Giggles
Burps & Giggles, a new venture by the people behind Indulgence, has now become the first choice cafe, strongly recommended by Ipoh people. The cafe is famous for its crepes, burgers and cakes. The decor and ambiance is really vintage. It is a cage with lots of personalities and stories to tell.

Chicken & Mushroom Pasta, it is a dish combining cooked spaghetti with chopped cooked chicken, fresh tomato and onion. It may sound like a simple dish, but it is definitely a  classic! 

The Banana Cake which serves perfectly as a dessert came with such a beautiful presentation. The Banana cake owes everything it has to the thick and creamy cream cheese icing. Without it, the banana cake is nothing. With it the banana cake is everything!!!

The classic Fish & Chips also taste amazing! Crispy on the outside, tender and delicious on the inside, served with deep fried potatoes and tartar sauce. Every bite of the fish melts in the mouth and makes everyone demand for more.

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