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Mural Hunting

Mural Hunting

People have been travelling around Old Town of Ipoh, not just in searching of great food but also the new murals. Since 2012, murals starting popping out walls situated in certain back lanes, some painted by a Lithuanian artist, Ernest Zacharevic and our local artist, Eric Lai.

Zacharevic painted a total of 7 murals in the project known as 'Art of OldTown' which is commissioned by OldTown White Coffee.

Along Jalan Sheikh Adam is a Paper plane mural by Ernest Zacharevic painted on a wall of 5-storey shop lot. It is located nearby the mural of the old man drinking coffee.
Located on Jalan Dato Maharajalela is a portrait of an old uncle drinking coffee. This large mural is located nearby the first franchise OldTown White Coffee eatery facing the Ipoh field.
Evolution, a tin mining mural by Ernest Zacharevic is located on Jalan Bijeh Timah. In English, bijih timah means tin ores and the mural shows a Chinese-styled painted mural which shows the evolution of tin mining back in the colonial days.
This hummingbird mural by Ernest Zacharevic shows the bird finding for food from trees. He drew it in a way where it is hovering close to a real tree for food.

Trishaw Mural by Ernest Zacharevic is the final mural drawn by him which depicts some people in Old Town that earns a living through selling recyclable products. This mural shows a man stacking plastic onto his trishaw which is filled with other plastic bags.

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