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Food - Traditional Coffee Shop

Thean Chun Coffee Shop
Thean Chun is one of the oldest and most famous coffee shop in Ipoh Old Town. The locals know this spot as "The House of Mirrors". This small but bustling eatery have some of Ipoh's rarest food gems such as "Kai See Hor Fun" aka Chicken Kuey Teow Soup and Satay Grill.

Tadaa~~The legendary "Kai See Hor Fun"! It is the pride of Ipoh people. The taste is well-balanced between the chicken slices, the freshness of the prawn and all kinds of herbs that make it so flavorful. Another fact that makes it so special is the sweet smell it has. This is probably why it is far superior compared to other "Kai See Hor Fun" in Ipoh.

Another must-try dessert is the Caramel Custard. Silky smooth egg custards, fragrant and not too overly sweet, it really deserves double thumbs up! Amazed by how easily it melts in the mouth.

The Satay Chicken Fillet, strongly recommended by Ipoh people. The Chicken Fillets are smoky and deliciously caramelised on the edges. Whats goes even better with this Chicken Fillet is the satay sauce! A thick concoction of peanut, chili and oil coats the meat, miracle happens~

Nam Heong Coffee Shop
Do you like White Coffee? If you like it, then you must love this coffee shop. Nam Heong is the original home of Ipoh White Coffee. The shop has been passed down to the forth generation and now, they established a company, Old Town White Coffee. It is the spark that ignited the mass appeal of Ipoh's White Coffee!

The legendary Ipoh White Coffee! Coffees Lovers can hardly resist to take a sip on the perfect blend white coffee. It tasted so aromatic and smooth, the fragrant of the white coffee is long-lasting. It's simply the best white coffee in Ipoh.

Fresh from oven, hot and flaky, life doesn't get better than these egg tarts. It is also one of the specialities of the shop. The rich, creamy egg custard is usually hot when served and the flaky pastry renders the tart almost irresistible!

The dim sum in Nam Heong is well known for its tasty offerings. There is a variety of dim sum like "loh mai kai", "char xiu bao", "siew mai" and many more. Though there are lots of dim sum restaurant in Ipoh, there are still lots of people crawled their way to this old shop.

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