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Nine Emperor Gods Festival

Nine Emperor Gods Festival

 In Chinese, 九皇爺, the festival is a 9-day Taoist celebration. Beginning on the eve of the 9th month of the lunar calendar, temples of the deities all around Malaysia hold a ceremony to welcome the Nine Emperor Gods. It is believed that the Nine Emperor Gods will possess the devotees. Most devotees will stay in the temple throughout the nine days and have vegetarian meals.
An idol of one of the Nine Emperor Gods

Lion and Dragon dances throughout the walk 
A beautifully adorned truck, shaped to be like a grand boat, carrying idols. Processions are held like this because the arrival of the gods is believed to be through the waterways. Therefore, processions are held from temples to the sea shore or river to symbolize this belief.

Devotees dress in traditional plain white during the 9-day festival, usually carrying incense and candles, awaiting the Nine Emperor Gods.

A devotee, in a trance-state, having his cheeks pierced. Devotees practice such acts of impaling their body parts as a traditional veneration  for their gods and ancestors.

Devotees on the first day of the festival, preparing for ceremony which is adorned with flags and banners. Devotees of all ages participate in the event, even those young at heart.

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